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Rep. Lewis Announces Retirement

On Friday, Representative David R. Lewis (R-Harnett) announced that he will be withdrawing his name from the November General Election ballot, finishing out his term after 18 years of public service to the State of North Carolina and the people of Harnett County. Rep. Lewis offered the following statement: “Since 2003, I’ve had the honor and privilege of representing the people of Harnett County, and I’ve taken this great responsibility seriously, offering everything I have and everything I am in service, to improve the lives of my neighbors and our community. I’m proud of the growth both in our Great State and within our beloved County, and I know the future of our community is strong.” “In this esteemed legislative body, I have learned from spirited debate while showing respect for my political adversaries by avoiding personal attacks. A few years ago, President George W. Bush stated, “too often we judge other groups by their worst examples, while judging ourselves by our best intentions.” I challenge each one of us to focus on debating the ideas while not seeking to personally destroy those with opposing ideology.” “It has been one of my greatest honors to serve in the House, surpassed only by marrying my wife Michelle and being the father to our three beautiful children. I love my wife and kids and I recognize that their sacrifice has been measurably greater than my own, because they really didn’t have a say in when Dad was coming home. My service in the House has come with great personal sacrifice and loss of valuable time with my family, as well as my livelihood. I will never be able to truly know how many times my assistance with homework was missed, or how many ballgames, school award ceremonies, church events, family vacations, and all the once-in-a-lifetime moments that I have forgone while serving in the House.” “The time has come to focus my energies in new directions, and to allow another capable leader to serve in this important role. As such, I have decided to not seek re-election. I remain steadfast in my commitment to the people of House District 53 and will fulfill the remainder of my term in service to our community.” “I am so thankful for the best staff any Member has ever had. Over the last 17 years, Marie Strickland, Grace Rogers, Greg Gebhardt, Mark Coggins, Bradley Anderton, Chandra Reed, David Capen, Dylan Reel, Neal Inman, Keith Boyette, Emily Neville, and the excellent Central Staff, House Clerk’s office, Sergeant At Arms staff, along with the Speaker’s staff including Bart Goodson, Britt Eller, Lewis King, Trafton Dinwiddie, Ray Starling and so many other talented and passionate public servants have made working in the General Assembly an amazing experience. I know they’ve taught me more than I was able to reciprocate, our state is better for their selfless service.” “Finally, I want to thank the people of Harnett County for electing me to the General Assembly, and allowing me to serve you for 18 years. Words cannot express how grateful I am to each of you for the providing me with the opportunity to serve.” Representative David R. Lewis has achieved many tangible accomplishments during his tenure in the North Carolina House, including championing the first significant tax reform in over 70 years, which radically increased the zero income tax bracket to the benefit of thousands upon thousands of hard working families, removed special interest loopholes which rewarded the few at the expense of many, and lowered the sales tax rates on essential goods, creating countless jobs that continue to drive our economy forward. Representative Lewis played a large role in the establishment of more than 180 medical internships to help train new doctors for underserved communities, and aided in the establishment of Campbell University’s School of Osteopathic Medicine. Representative Lewis also helped establish the Workforce Housing Program, which provides safe, affordable, energy efficient housing to working families. He also championed many advances in school safety and made significant steps toward improved access to physical and mental wellness services in the rural areas of North Carolina.



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